Charles Bell
Music Instructor
(302) 293-8952


Guitar Lessons, Bass Lessons, Mandolin Lessons

Charlie Bell Music                                        

Music Lessons
Guitar - Bass - Mandolin
3 locations in
Wilmington, Delaware
and Ridley Park, PA
One man or with accompaniment. Performances for parties, weddings, and company functions.
Jazz, Blues, Classic Rock.
Charlie performs with Audra McLaughlin of The Voice!  More videos of Charlie and Audra

You always wanted to do it ...
     So do it!

Charlie's Schedule:
  Sunday October 28th at Starbucks -  629 Market Street Wilmington DE from 11 AM to 12:00 PM
Saturday November 17th at Operation Warm Newport from 6 to 7 PM
 Saturday November 24th at Langguths Gift Shop, 15 E. Hinckley Ave. Ridley Park PA 12 noon to 2:30 PM
Charlie's Soundcloud Page
Charlie's ReverbNation Page
Check out his latest original song!
All genres:  Rock, Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Country, Jazz, Pop, Classical.
All styles: Lead guitar, Rhythm guitar, Chord melodies, tablature,  and sight reading.